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Spend It, or Sketch It!

Hello and Happy Saturday.

It's hard to believe another week has gone by. Slowly I've been pencilling my way through my sketchbook. I got this book some years ago at Greyfriar's Art Shop in Edinburgh, and it feels good to be using it. My sketchbook use has been very sporadic over the years, and often results in filling pages with notes or to-do lists instead of sketches.

I'm coming to a point of just saying 'It is time to spend it/sketch it'. In other words, I've had these pencils and pens, sketchbooks and canvases sitting in a drawer of my desk for years, possibly for when a moment of inspiration might strike. But often the inspiration comes when we just start; when we use the materials without waiting for the right moment, and we 'spend' our ideas... There will always be countless ideas, so we must not be concerned about running out, both of ideas and materials, and just go for it.

It feels good to gradually fill the pages of this book.


Today it was wet outside, so I took what was indoors - a fresh bunch of Siberian kale, along with a Tesco basel plant that has been sitting on my table for a while - as my subject matter for today.

I drew the outline of the leaves whilst listening to a podcast, in this case On Being with Krista Tippett where she interviews forest ecologist, Susanne Simard. To be honest, when I get into my sketching I generally tend to tune out of any talk radio, but this episode was fascinating enough to occasionally stop me from drawing. She reminds me a bit of the author, Robin Wall Kimmerer, as she speaks about the old growth forests.

And then I would get back to the leaves....

And now it looks like it is clearing outside, so I may go for a brief walk.

Have a great weekend!

Monique ✍🏽

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