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The Little Things

Updated: Mar 6

In keeping with my recent Northern Drift article, I decided to sketch a minute part of nature - a part that we often overlook when out and about.

While walking this morning I found a small twig on the ground with abundant lichen growing on it.  For one, I love the colour of the lichen, but I’m also amazed by this small living organism which appears on the branches of trees and on rocks.  Apparently they are bio-indicators of air quality and can flourish in clean air environments.  It seems we have a lot of that up in the Highlands of Scotland.

I so enjoyed focusing on this small piece of nature this morning. It’s so beautiful!  I may revisit this subject in days to come.

M.Sliedrecht, Lichen on branch, Oil pastel and graphite on paper.

moss, lichen,

like life

they lay festooned


all that offers moisture

cloud spawned

and wet

that speak to us of calm,



of a forest

that beckons


By Jon the Von, Poet Laureate of University Heights, San Diego, CA.

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1 Comment

Mar 05

Truly beautiful sketch, Monique. Made me think of Narnia. I was quite moved.

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