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Blowin' A Hoolie

I found a sunny, cusiony place to sit in a grassy mound this morning. Whilst bright, it was very windy. I started drawing a sketch of the small leaning stack just south along the bay, but it was so blowy. My sketch pages were flapping about and my hair kept flying in my face, making it very hard to draw, let alone look at my subject matter!

Here was the start of that sketch anyway…. I’m surprised that the leaning stack has not fallen over with gusts so strong!

I was forced to abandon this earlier post and found a more sheltered and warm place to sit in my usual nook in the rocky cliffside. And what a difference that made!

I could have sat there all day, but I started to hanker after the gluten free scones I made yesterday. So I trekked back, taking a few photos of the windswept sea and rushing burn on my way.

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