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Updated: Nov 9, 2023

I’ve been hunkering down in the studio in this early part of the week, listening to podcasts whilst developing some ideas for a possible lino print design.

Here are a few initial sketches….

I’m reflecting on these beautiful autumn days we've been having in Caithness and Sutherland lately, holding onto various impressions from the weekend.


On Saturday I had a lovely trip along the north coast and managed to get to Melvich Beach just as the sun was projecting light on the far hillside and before it dipped behind the horizon.

The waves were leaving ribbons of foam on the shore.

As the light descended over Ben Loyal and Ben Hope in the distance, the view did not disappoint.

Later, on the journey home, I could see faint brushes of green light in the clear night sky polishing off an already stunning afternoon. While I was unable to get a worthy photo, I stopped to drink in and reinforce the views in my mind's eye.

The aurora was more pronounced against the cloudless sky the following night. The 'Mirry Dancers' were a sight to behold! I had not seen northern lights like this for a long time. It was wonderful.

And now, as I turn around from my drawing table and step into the kitchen to make cup of tea, I am met with a further celestial wonder.

My cup is full after these luminescent glories.

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