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Wild Seas

The sea was wild today!

Gulls drifted and cried over the sound of the crashing waves as I walked down to the shore which was strewn with seaweed and shells, coughed up by the swell.

The sea grass had been flattened by the tidal surges.

Foam nestled in the rocks and got caught in the wracks creating a mottled covering of something like shaving cream along the exposed coastline.

The wind made it hard to draw and dark clouds were looming in the distance, predicting rain, but I made a start on a sketch and finished it at home.

Like new year's resolutions which tend to keep going for a short while, my attempt to publish regular sketches has been interrupted in various ways, not least by lots of travel and professional commitments in the last couple of weeks. But I intend to keep going as best as I can, so here is today's graphite scribble:

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