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The Calm Before the Storm

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I was a bit bogged down today by numerous tasks, cold weather, tiredness after my trip south….

Then this evening, as I went to sit at the kitchen table in the bungalow to cut and peel potatoes, I looked up out the window. To my surprise, there was the bright white moon high in the sky illuminating the castle shape and the tips of the waves in the far distance. It was just within my vision before rising above the frame of the window, and it was as though it was calling out quietly to say hello.

I love moonlit evenings at Freswick. The special white-silver lining of the clouds. The sky a deep deep blue indigo a shade darker than the Blue Hour.

I quickly stepped out to take a photo. Immediately on breathing the fresh momentarily still air of the evening I felt so much better!

Then the rain started to fall and the winds picked up again. I was glad to have had that moment outside - the calm before the storm.

High winds are predicted in the Highlands in the next couple of days. I heard that winds will be reaching 90 miles per hour. I’m getting used to this! I wonder if the power will go out, and am I ready for it if it does?

To be honest, I don’t have much of a plan, other than to put on my woollies, make the studio, kitchen and working areas as cozy as possible and wait out the winds. And for the rest, I’ve gone through my list in the event of a storm, just in case.

Groceries — check

Gas stove top ready — check

Supply of candles — check

Matches — check

Wool layers — check

Flash lights — check

Wood for fire — check

That should cover it. So if I am off the radar for a little while (not that I expect to be!) then think of me in the wild winds of the northern tip of Scotland and say a prayer.

I’ll catch you on the other side — of Greenland!


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