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I stepped out of the studio just now to take a photo of my latest sketch in the sunshine....

It's one of those autumn blue-sky days. The air is remarkably still and it's very peaceful outside.

It is a complete shift from how it was on Monday, which was extremely windy. I had gone down to the beach and was in awe of the power of the sea - it was wild! I didn't stay long then, but long enough to get wet by the mix of rain and seaspray.

I haven't gone out for a walk yet today, but hope to do so as soon as I finish a few jobs and have some lunch. I want to get my 'fix' of the outdoors before making the trip to Edinburgh tomorrow for a birthday celebration on Friday and a play we are hosting in Morningside on Saturday evening. Then I'm back up on Sunday in order to work on a print for someone.

For now, my sketch which I did not manage to post yesterday....

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