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Still Seascape

It is silent outside, and the temperature is so comfortable, absent of any chill. The sun is soft.

Waves lap gently against the barnacled rocks.

Seaweed sways back and forth to the rhythm of low tide. Tendrils reach out and are bathed in the light which shines through the surface of water and fills them with necessary nutrients.

Kelp folds and droops over the surface of the sea, bending, waving...strong drenched stems reflect the gleam of the bright morning.

I can hear some terns calling in the far off distance, from the other side of the bay.

Gulls cry on the cliffs.

I would like to float in that sea and DRIFT all day in the sunshine and stillness.

As I sit on this rock jutting out into the seascape, there is a slight swell in the water, creating a surge of movement around me. The seaweed gives in to the flow and current running through it and gradually calms into quiet rhythm once again.


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