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Saturday Sketch

While you can always rely on the steadiness of the tides, I wasn't sure which way the sky would turn this morning.

The clouds ended up winning over the stretch of blue sky in the southwest, but not enough to keep me from venturing out.

Where I was sitting, beyond yesterday's spot on the line of rocky coast, a small seal popped its head up over the rolling waves. It came in close for a moment, obviously curious. At first I thought the seal was a rock, or a piece of kelp being tossed around by the sea. On closer look I saw it and as soon as he noticed my awareness of him nearby, he whisked himself away and sank under the surface into the depths below. 🦭

Later I spotted him some distance away, but too far to capture on my camera, or via pencil on paper.

So I spent some time drawing the cluster of rocks that were slowly being covered by the tidal sea.

Before the tide encroached on my chosen spot (a large slate slab), I got up and retraced my steps back to the shore where I stopped to take some photos of the channel wrack - a beautiful raw sienna colour against the dark grey.

After that I trudged back to the cottage, drawn by the idea of coffee, and worked a little bit more on my sketch while listening to a podcast. But I didn't work on it too long. I like to stick mostly with what I've done on site.

It doesn't feel 'finished' or polished, but it is a sketch after all! A quick impression.

And as I build this muscle to observe nature through sketching, I hope to stay with the process of drawing longer. And perhaps I will develop some of these into paintings.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Saturday and a great weekend!

🦭 x

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