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There was the most pronounced and perfect rainbow on Epiphany Sunday morning. I rushed outside to get a better look and take photos, and, on impulse, took off my Tesco furry slippers (bought on a whim one day) in order to be able to run into the wet grass and get some distance. It was as though standing on holy ground. Still, I felt I was not able to do the spectacular scene justice - to get enough of the beauty with my camera without other structures interrupting the amazing arc of colour. Eventually I just watched it brighten and fade, the rain falling around me and the colours gradually disappearing into the darkened sky and then I went inside - forgetting my slippers.

It’s a new year. A new decade.

6 days in. Day of Epiphany. Feast of the King. The visitation of the Magi.

For some, it’s the day all the Christmas decorations come down.

It’s also Monday.

There are those of us that may be glad for the start of routine and normality as the week begins. Others will be dragging their heels to work, not really wanting to have to get into the basic grind of everyday tasks associated with days of the week that were lost on the holiday, along with the cares.

I admit to feeling a bit of both - resistance, as well as eagerness to get on with things.

The rainbow yesterday morning seemed fitting for the start of a new year. I often associate the word ‘promise’ with a rainbow when I see it - as in the ancient biblical story of Noah.

Promise has many levels of meaning, from a binding agreement (wedding vows) to a gentle assurance ('I promise to write to you') or a positive sense of the future ('things look very promising.')

Caithness is the land of the rainbows. On my initial arrival to the north of Scotland in 2001, jet- lag resulted in a long lie-in the next morning. When I awoke at noon, there it was - a huge rainbow in the sky - the start of a new adventure.


This morning, on the actual day of Epiphany, 6 January, 2020, the sky decided to show off again. This time I managed to get my wellies on before going outside in the wet grass to try and capture the dawn display.

2020 - a fresh year of promise.

Happy New Year and Happy Epiphany!

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