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This morning I got right down to it, without too much thought.... I plopped myself down on a sunny dry spot just beyond one of the jutting cliffs, pulled out my sketch pad and pencils and decided to draw directly what was in front of me - the rock formations.

Yes, rocks again.

I’m sure I’ll move on to other things, especially when the weather gets wilder and I’ll need to stay indoors, but for now....

This time I got a little lost in the sketch. I took more time with it and had greater focus than previous occasions. I suppose that gradually I’m developing the muscle of being present and not getting so distracted. It seems to be a skill to nurture and actively pursue in this day and age. And oh, so necessary, if we are going to keep hold of ourselves and our sense of place in the world.

I’m reminded of Rilke’s quote:

“I am able more and more to make use of that long patience you have taught me by your tenacious example; that patience which, disproportionate to ordinary life which seems to bid us haste, puts us in touch with all that surpasses us.”

- Rainer Maria Rilke (from Letters to a Young Poet)


I must go and ring my sister who lives in Prince George, BC in Canada. It's her birthday today!

If you're reading this, Charissa ~ Happy Birthday!! 💕

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