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October Day Therapy

What a beautiful day it has been here in Caithness. I love this time of year, especially on days like today. Soon I may go out to a nearby beach to see if the seals are there.

I meant to post this sooner, but I’m at a bit of a loss today - a loss of what to write mostly, but I’m also not sure about my sketch from this morning. I guess that goes along with it being a Monday, though I don’t like to have those preconceived notions about days of the week like that, as though we ought to anticipate something less than good or best.

I went out later in the morning. The sun was shining so bright on the sea, it was almost blinding. The rocks were fairly dry by the time I stepped out, and I found a sunspot in the small cliffside to sit down.

I took out some colour pencils I had quickly stuffed in my pencil case, along with a small watercolour brush and a jar for water.

I’ve had these pencils for a long time and just happened to see them in the drawer this morning. I thought I might as well use them for these sketches, rather than keep them unused in a cluttered drawer. And it might be nice to play with a bit of colour.

It was, actually. Even with the limited palette I had.

So I'm posting it, nothing barred.

It is what it is. :)

And I thought I would share this song with you, at the start of October.

It's by my friend, Yvonne Lyon.

Have a lovely evening. x

Ness Head at Dawn

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