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New Studio

With the close of the season at Freswick Castle it seemed a good moment to come down and be based in Edinburgh for a wee while - for a change of scene, and to see my hospital appointments through (more on that another time!).

Added to the lovely flat I am staying in, a studio space was made available almost immediately upon arriving in the city and it is just up the road - only a 10 minute walk away! A near miracle. I can hardly believe it!

It was rather unexpected and I did not have any of my art materials with me aside from a couple of sketchbooks and a small paint kit, so it has been like stepping into a clear slate of a space.

I managed to get some tables and chairs that were either to be discarded or moved to other spaces, plus a wee light, and a cheese plant from a friend, so it is starting to feel like ‘home’.

At first it is a little daunting to step into a blank space without the comfort and security of my familiar bits and bobs - paint, brushes, canvases… already built up and available. But actually - what refreshment! Cutting things down to the bare bones and starting from scratch. I’d recommend it!

It has meant some experimentation with new and limited materials for now. Somehow that creates a different learning process when things are not direct at your fingertips, and it draws one out of the old ways or approaches of doing things.

I don’t know how long I can be here, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts and try to fill the blank space with new creations and experimentations while I can!

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