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Music, Books and a Sketch

It's interesting looking at this sketch I drew last week, which was done in a very different context than where I find myself today (Queen Street, Edinburgh!). It's a bit of seaweed (spiral wrack, I think!) attached to a limpid shell. I didn't post it last week, but thought I would do so now, as I've not really been able to sketch much these last few days with so many other things going on, including travel.

I'm now on my way to Durham after a wonderful Saturday concert that I helped organise in Morningside. Yvonne Lyon, a lovely friend and Scottish singer/songwriter, performed her beautiful songs, weaving them together with a humorous and flowing narrative. Her wonderfully written lyrics are rich and meaningful. Yvonne ended the evening with an improv piano piece, a kind of prayer when there are no words, reflecting on Israel and Palestine and the conflict. The music naturally led into this beautiful song, Enjoy Not Endure.

The mood of the evening lingers as I make my way out of Edinburgh. At the moment we are passing by a wonderful large bookstore called 'Toppings'. It's designed so it feels like you're going into a library with lots of time for reading and reflection. If you haven't been, it's certainly worth a visit! As my friend just said, 'Somehow the world feels a more hopeful place with shops like Toppings Bookstore.' I agree!

I will try to do a few sketches while in the cities and share them with you here whenever I can.

Have a great week! x

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