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Much much

Recently I learned that the Hebrew language does not make the same use of adjectives as the English language.  For emphasis, it repeats a word twice.

If I were to apply that to this present moment, I would say that the wind is blowing 'much much' this morning!  And looking out over the bay, it seems that all of Freswick is without power.

When I woke and noticed my lamp did not switch on, I went to light some candles which are always on hand, and found the small portable gas stove to boil water and make a cup of coffee.  Meanwhile, I decided that the next best thing to do was use up the hot water in the tank and have a bath before starting work in the studio.  

The power is still out, 3 hours later.  I can see a couple of white vans parked on the lane, and a power line seems to be slack, possibly where the issue lies.  All the while the wind is blowing at about 50 miles per hour. 

The landscape looks washed out and there is a low morning light occasionally pushing through the swiftly moving grey clouds. Hopefully the power will be up and running again soon.

Once again I am reminded of our heavy dependence on electricity for so many things.  Meanwhile the large white blades of the windmills rotate on the horizon, bringing all the wind-harvested power to the south! The world is not so perfect, is it.

I decided to work on a drawing and listen to a podcast from my laptop while it still had juice and connection.

Eventually the lights came back on, thanks to the men that were working the lines. While they were scaling the poles in the nearby field, the sun came out for a moment and brightened the landscape.


While the lights were out, I managed to make a start on a drawing of the Christmas cactus with its full pink blooms.

Meanwhile, I think time has run out for me to do any more prints before leaving for Edinburgh tomorrow. I'm waiting for a few to dry, and then I will make a final decision on which ones to send to my friends in Toronto.

Hope you have a lovely day, full of light. 🕯 x

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