• Monique Sliedrecht

Back in the 'burgh

It’s not something I have ever really paid attention to before, but it struck me on my recent walk one morning from flat to studio. Roses - at this time of year?

I noticed the care taken in a front garden up the street - a combination of gentle pastels in contrast, but completely complementary to, the rusts and ochres of autumn.

Maybe my eyes are more open right now….

The fresh blooms certainly add brightness to an otherwise generally ‘grey’ time of year, and echo the current experience of being in a new location in the city for a while. Fresh and new colour. A change. I made my way down from the north at the end of a busy season at Freswick Castle and am welcoming these Edinburgh days.

Change, while tricky, is good overall. It can open our eyes. And this unexpected brightness of bloom is reassuring in the midst of other things falling away. The curator behind the lovely front garden display must have known what he/she was doing.

Roses in November….

It is a gift, certainly to me, and an inspiration. In fact I may drop a note through the red door to say just that!

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