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Happy New Year from Toronto!

Here we are, four days into the new year. After hanging out with family, eating nice things, and getting to a point of lethargy, it was time to gird up the loins (what a weird phrase) and head up the 416 to the Big Smoke. It’s great to be in central Toronto, but what a change of context! It’s certainly a bit of a gear shift, something I am sure we are all feeling to some extent as we step into our work routines again.

I’m gradually settling into the formerly planned artist residency that I had hoped to do back in the summertime; Art supplies that were stored away last year have been unpacked and canvases are on the ready. It’s great to be back at it.

The first snowfall of the season happened on the eve of my arrival, with temperatures that fell to -8, and tomorrow we’re moving on to +8! (Celcius.) I can only hope that this change from frozen to warm will transfer itself metaphorically into my art process as I move from a slightly stilted place to one that is more free-flowing in the painting work.

I’ve got plans, great plans, but then when the paint and brushes don't seem to want to move the way my brain wants them to, I become a little nervous and long for that momentum you get when in full flow.

I was chatting with a singer friend of mine this morning - about the challenges of the creative process. In the end I guess it’s just a case of showing up and being our ‘authentic’ selves, taking a day at a time and not over-thinking. Easier said than done sometimes!

So a relaxed attitude seems key, along with a healthy dose of patience.

As nothing beats ending on a poetic note, I’ll leave you with Rilke and wish you all a very Happy New Year! x

‘That patience which - in contrast to everyday life, which bids us haste - puts us in touch with all that surpasses us.’ (Rainer Maria Rilke)

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