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Edinburgh in Autumn

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Photo by Kenny Lamb, Visit Scotland

I went to the capital city for a couple of days - a brief trip spurred on by a lift down with someone and the need to take a break from admin. I decided I could do with a visit to a gallery for some inspiration, and do some much needed shopping as well. I also wanted to catch the glories of late October before the colours fade.

It's lovely here in the fall. The photo above is not taken by me, but it evokes the seasonal light and feel of this place.

The exhibition I went to see was at the City Art Centre: Shifting Vistas: 250 Years of Scottish Landscape. The exhibition features over 30 different artists, including Alexander Nasmyth, John Lavery, SJ Peploe, William Gillies, Joan Eardley, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Jon Schueler, Carol Rhodes, Victoria Crowe, Kate Downie, Ade Adesina and Ravi Agarwal.

I came across this piece by Ernest Lumsden which I was drawn to (no pun intended). This is something beyond a sketch! It's called 'Upper Greenside Lane from Leith Walk' and certainly reflects the damp weather of my Sunday outing.

So many of the images of 17th century Edinburgh are still recognisable today. Some of the buildings in old paintings and photographs have remained as landmarks in the cityscape, the castle included.

At the gallery shop I came across a set of graphite pencils which I decided to purchase, especially as my current ones are becoming small stubs. I added an eraser and sharpener for good measure. No excuses now! :)

At another shop I found some clay on sale. It never hurts to try our hand at another medium, does it?

On my walk back to the flat, I stopped along the way between moments of drizzling rain, and took some time to draw the shiny wet oak leaves hanging on a branch.

Back at the flat, I can look on the trees from the dry and reassuring environment of a comfortable space. Here is my view from the window:

🍂 🧡

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