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Day to Day

Yesterday... was foggy.

In the wake of sunny spells, the haar slowly moves in, enshrouding the bay in misty whiteness.

Nothing much can be seen further than a few metres away.

Curlews call out hauntingly in the hidden expanse, unseen.

A Kestrel swoops out of the old ruined stone building as I walk by and vanishes as it flies away.

Swallows dip and dive.

Pied Wagtails trot about the damp lawn, wagging their tail feathers, in search of small insects.

The white tops of the waves emerge from the sheet of mist and roll onto the sandy shore.

A gull cries out over the field, perhaps having lost its way.

A spray of yellow stonecrop bursts out against grey, trickling down the slate stone to the peaty burn.

My eye travels to the similarly bright irises and buttercups at the water's edge, connecting the yellow dots.

A smattering of forget-me-nots and campion flowers appear between the tall green stems - small shout-outs of colour in a seemingly monotonous landscape.


The sun has burnt bright through the mist, shedding light on all the droplets yet hanging onto the blades of grass.

An Oyster Catcher cries ‘ Monique! Monique!’ as it flies past, greeting me in the morning (or so I’d like to think).

A Wren belts out its late dawn song from the fencepost, now within view.

The sun is streaming through the windows, and I manage to find a place to sit and write in its rays.

I feel lucky, blessed...happy... to have both experiences.

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