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Crossing Continents and Seas

Just this last week I shipped a painting off which is currently making it’s way across the ocean and a continent. It was painted a little while ago, and has been with me, present in the background of the space I’ve inhabited in the last couple of years.

Recently, it was hanging on the ancient stone walls of the hall in Freswick Castle in the far north of Scotland. A visitor saw it there initially, and after a few months wrote me from the U.S. asking if he could buy it. In his message he wrote: ’It would mean the world to me to have and admire in my home and help remind me of the path not so much laid out before me, but the path I am being challenged to forge for myself.’

We cannot underestimate how our art might speak to others; how it might encourage them on their creative journeys. That should nudge us to say what we need to say. And who knows how, or with whom, it will strike a chord and where the work will find it’s place. In a sense, we do our bit, and the rest takes care of itself.

It is part of the creative journey to let go of a work, and to send it off to it’s next haven, audience, viewer.... I can truly say that I do it joyfully, excited that someone has found appreciation and meaning of their own in the piece. In turn, the letting go frees up space for me to create something new.

In the case of my painting ‘Sea Craft’, it is finding safe harbour in a dear person's home/office in Santa Monica, California (assuming FedEx gets it there!), seemingly a world away. Another painting, Blue Boat, has found it’s way to Dundee recently. I like this crossing of continents and seas - new bridges made - where a painting begins to have a life of it’s own in a new context.

May we continue to find the courage to act on our inspirations. Who knows where that will lead, and who it might bless?

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