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The days have been remarkably still of late. Yesterday we had our first frost in the north, after a string of mostly clear nights. The skies have often been blue, with the occasional interruption of grey and downpours of rain. Right now I can see the faint hint of a rainbow in the distance, indicating a similar transition from the one to the other soon.

I've been enjoying the crispness and clarity in the air. At the same time, I'm hankering a little bit

after the warmer days of summer. This season can be an adjustment, but I'll get there eventually! We all will... So much is down to acceptance, isn't it? And preparation. Maybe this year I'm less prepared. I don't know.

Saying that, I am loving the autumn season.


I was catching up with a friend yesterday and recalled a brief trip I made to Orkney at the end of July last summer. It was a busy season, as always, but I needed a break. At the time, I was feeling so full in my head and in my days, that I needed to step away for a bit, even if it was just a few nights. Orkney seemed the easiest and simplest place to go. Even while relatively close, going there always gives me the feeling of being somewhere else, as though on holiday. So Orkney it was. I stayed in a small cottage near Stromness and enjoyed the beautiful views of the hills across from the sound, walked along the west coast path, sketching when I could, and slept a lot.

The light was always changing so it was challenging to capture the hills at any one time, but here are a few impressions, along with some writing I did while sitting on the beach nearby.

(And no, the terrier was not wearing wellies! Poor sentence structure... haha)

Have a lovely Saturday.

Remembrance Day. x

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