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Bright morning

There are some nights when sleep plays coy, aloof and disdainful. And all the wiles that I employ to win its service to my side are useless as wounded pride, and much more painful.

It was that sort of night for me, so I stepped out a bit later than first planned. I managed to get some light winks when sleep finally decided to descend in the wee hours of the morning. It was 9 am when I walked down to the beach. The rocks had been warmed up by the sun which shone brightly over the sea.

I heard from friends who are winding their way through parts of the northwest coast of Scotland, hoping to make the crossing to Mull and then Iona today. According to weather reports, I believe the winds and rain they are currently experiencing are due to come our way.

It was lovely to be able to go out and do my first sketch(es) of the day. I found a nice perch down on the shore among some rocks, above the tide.


This is a poem I just came across by William Wordsworth, and while the weather may be happening in the reverse today, it evokes similar feelings of the morning whilst sitting on the sandstone rocks in the sunshine.

Bright Morning

There was a roaring in the wind all night;

The rain came heavily and fell in floods;

But now the sun is rising calm and bright,

The birds are singing in the distant woods;

Over his own sweet voice the stock-dove broods;

The jay makes answer as the magpie chatters;

And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

All things that love the sun are out of doors;

The sky rejoices in the morning's birth;

The grass is bright with raindrops on the moors

The hare is running races in her mirth;

And with her feet she from the plashy earth

Raises a mist; that, glittering in the sun,

Runs with her all the way, wherever she doth run.

-William Wordsworth


The tide is going out, and is at its lowest today around 3 pm. I may head for a walk later, depending on what Storm Agnes decides to do. That could make for interesting sketching!


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Warmest wishes from the north of Scotland ~


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